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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Roosh the Douche

So I just read this article Roosh V wrote called 'Sex Has Become An Obsession'. For context, it would make more sense to read the article first and then this post so I've linked it above in red.

It's very hard to take this article seriously written by someone who has written books on women he has banged in every country he has been to; someone who prides himself on how much sex he can have with different women, who is all about how to pick up women and fuck women.
Apparently It's the fault of women for dressing in 'revealing clothing.' Erm, never mind the fact that men are wired to think about sex a lot because, I dunno; evolution? Testosterone? The need to pass on genes and procreate? He literally writes in his article:
'I've dedicated more time than 99% of men into getting sex.'

Frankly, I have no problem with that; if you enjoy having a lot of sex and have a high sex drive then whatever; it's your life and I'm not judging him for that. What I don't get about this article is that he complains about how he thinks about sex constantly and then brags about how much sex he has. How can you talk about how much you desire something and then complain about how much you desire something? It's as nuts as me loving Game of Thrones and writing lots of blog posts about it, and then moaning about how Game of Thrones is everywhere on the television and adverts and billboards and that I can't stop thinking about it. Is also a bit like an alcoholic complaining about how alcohol is everywhere and then spending every night getting wasted at the pub.

Oh, I wonder why? Maybe you're the problem mate; your
attitude to women is the problem, not the women themselves. 
If he was some pious strict religious guy who wanted to complain about how we live in such a hyper-sexualised culture, I would understand as that would at least provide some context. But he isn't which is what makes this article so hypocritical. He's happily to constantly bash women that aren't 'decent' in his eyes; i.e. obedient little yes-women dolls that bend their heads and nod to their masters. (Otherwise known as oppressed women stuck in Saudi Arabia).

He insists that women need to be controlled by men and have their actions dominated by them, and that women have reduced themselves to 'sexual commodities', yet has no problem sleeping with said women and boasting about how he can, in countries all over the damn world, not to mention has articles titled 'The Secret to Getting Laid' and 'How to pick up girls for real.' He wants women to have sex with him but then calls them whores for having sex with him. (Either that or I'm clinically insane.)

I just don't get this guy's logic. He's happy to make a living off telling guys how to get laid, then complains that society (and women, because women are evil vixens sent here to corrupt innocent men who totally aren't already teaming with testosterone fueled hormones) is making him think too much about sex. I'd understand if he was a guy who preached that both men and women shouldn't have sex until their married, but because of who he is I just can't understand this blatant hypocrisy. It's pretty hilarious. (What's also hilarious is I'm banned from commenting on his blog; probably because I commented on one and also wrote a post bitching about what a twat he is which you can read below).


  1. Asa far as I'm concerned, Roosh is a big fat liar who's delusional, bigoted, and arrogant as hell. One example is that he supports superficiality, which is bad. Therefore, he never should have been born.

  2. Even my husband follows him because he feels emasculated compared to other guys.


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