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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Most guys aren't arseholes

*REVALATION!* Tis true, my pretties. Most guys aren't arseholes, but I think there are a few that end up making the rest seem like arseholes. The Bryce Walkers, Roosh V's and Harvey Weinstein's of the world end up sadly giving their fellow men a bad name.

And this isn't new phenomena; with major groups of people, there are always a few that shout the loudest and attract the most negative attention. On this blog I have expressed disagreement and distaste for the ideology of Islam. However, I am fully aware that most Muslims are not crazy terrorists - there's a select few that follow their not-so-holy book to detail, and end up giving the rest a bad name.

Same with feminists. Most feminists don't hate men - your average lass who is married and simply believes that feminism is women's equality is not some misandrist lunatic. I don't want to associate myself with feminism because of the negativity within it, but that doesn't mean I fail to notice that lots of feminists are not negative and simply want men and women to be equal.

The other day I watched this movie called 'The Stepford Wives', made in 1975 and based on a novel of the same name. I'd briefly heard of it, and also heard that the film Get Out was inspired by it. The Stepford Wives is horrifying, but not because of ghosts and zombies. It satirises a patriarchal utopia in the town of Stepford, in which women that move there with their husbands get turned into perfect homemaker robots, with no personality, vacant eyes and a soft emotionless speech.

Its fucking crazy to think that there are men that would actually want a wife like that. You can be a housewife and still have normal human emotions and personality and not look perfect at all times nor be your husband's slave. I think this movie is an exaggerated reflection on the horrors women had to undergo in terms of doing as they were told by their man and having no character or life of their own. It shows how privileged modern Western women are to be able to pursue anything that men can. I adored the heroine, Joanna, and it was heartbreaking to see her fate.

Why do I mention this? Because I don't think that most men would want a 'Stepford Wife.' What's the joy in having a partner who just smiles constantly and does whatever you tell her? That's a slave. The whole point of being in love and married to someone is that you accept their flaws and love them in spite of it, and work together to achieve a life of fulfillment. There's a point in the movie where Dis, the creepy ringleader of the Men's Association, says 'wouldn't you want to come home to a perfect stud who worships you?' NO! I WOULD NOT! I don't want a boyfriend/husband who is 'perfect'! I want one who has his own personality and character and quirks, who I can laugh with and have a good time with, not some creepy ribbed Ken Doll who dotes on me.

Extremity. As an extreme person I can comment on taking things to extremes. It is extreme to claim that all men are evil arseholes that want women who obey them and do as they're told. Ok, there are still some cultures that perpetuate this, but the majority of decent guys want a companion as well as a wife. Your lady friend should be someone who supports and helps you to become a better you. The few guys that do see women as playthings who must obey them at all will - well they can go and buy a fricken sex robot like these guys:

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