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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Why do YOU care?

Why do vegans get so bothered about other people eating meat? I understand you don't eat meat or dairy products and that's fine, but why do you feel the need to get others to join your lifestyle? If they don't want to, so what? There's nothing wrong with not being a vegan, just as there's nothing wrong with being vegan.

Why do religious people give a shit about other people believing in their God or not? Why do you care if they get into heaven? Can't you just let them be content with their lives? And don't you realize that they think your beliefs are ridiculous anyway? You worship and pray to your God, but why do you give a shit if others do or don't?

Simultaneously, why do atheists (including myself) complain so much about religion? Shouldn't we just allow Science and free-thought to develop as it is and let people make up their own decisions about things? Most parts of the world aren't theocratic, and allow you to believe whatever you do or don't. So why the fuck can't we just give religious people a break and let them believe what they want? Being religious doesn't make you stupid or ignorant, it just means you have a set view of the world. And as long as they're not killing people in the name of their God, how are they causing anyone harm?

Why do feminists have to make everything about the patriarchy? Not everything needs to have some kind of gender-related spin on it. Feminists can take any topic, from grass to shoes to ice-cream, and somehow twist it to make it relate to women's struggles versus men's oppressiveness. Why can't you just let things be? Enjoy the movie and the food, wear those pretty shoes, and eat whatever you want. Not everything is some patriarchy-related conspiracy theory.

But why do anti-feminists go over board? Yes, we're all fed up of the crazy extreme things said by radical feminists, but seriously, you make yourselves look just as bad as them by calling feminism 'cancer.' Why do you hate it so much? Its not like feminism has done absolutely no good whatsoever. And even if you don't think it does, well, you'll never know because none of us in the West know what its like to live in a world that hasn't been impacted by feminism. Maybe you need to take it all less seriously man; after all, the radical feminists who make feminism look idiotic shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.

Why do New Age 'naturalists' bad-mouth traditional medicine? Advances in Science and Technology have made humans all over the world live way longer. The average life expectancy for someone in the UK is 83. We've never lived longer, and its thanks to modern medicine. I know, its all a big government conspiracy designed to keep us down and increase the monetary flow of major pharmaceutical companies. But look; millions of people are saved thanks to modern medicine. You don't have to take antidepressants, but I do, and they help me. You don't have to take birth control; you can go on about how its bad for you and fucks with your body and isn't natural, but I'm happily having regular sex and regular periods without worrying about pregnancy. No one's making you do anything you don't want to, but it works for me and I'm better off with it.

And for gods' loving sake, why are there so many bloody trolls online? You can't make a single comment without someone getting antsy over the most irrelevant thing - including grammar. I'm going to link this blog post I wrote about Moana - look at some fool's comment. Why do you give a shit? Are you trying to be clever? How has that got anything to do with what I wrote about? You think you're real funny and edgy, commenting on my grammar usage because it doesn't adhere to your standards. People need to give this shit a rest, I swear to god.

So some of this post is devil's advocate and a little exaggerated, as I tend to be. I'm sort of questioning myself questioning myself through questioning others. The main point is that we all spend so much time worrying and caring about stuff that doesn't concern us, myself included, but the truth is maybe that's just the way we are. Maybe somewhere in our evolutionary mapping we starting giving too much of a shit about the little things because we didn't need to worry as much about big things like being eaten by dinosaurs.

The irony is, of course, I care so much I've written a post asking why I care so much. Or why others care. But it is true, sometimes I do wonder why we all care so much about bits of other people's lives that have no effect on us. But maybe, just maybe, we all have an effect on one another, so we're all really affected...

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