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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Misanthropic Despair

Do you ever look around at the world and at people and think, wow, humans are so fucking full of shit? I mean, look what we've done to this planet. By merely typing on this laptop I am contributing to pollution and global warming. And the way we treat each other, especially online.

Sometimes I look at comments on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Google Plus, and I think; christ. The online world really does bring out the worst in humanity. If you scroll through comments you realize how disgusting, horrible, nasty and unkind people are to one another.

Unfortunately I am a human too, although if I had the choice I would be a cat. I just look around at people, and see how fucked up we all are - you, me, everyone. I mean, if someone falls down in the street, a person's natural instinct is to laugh, not be concerned and pick them up. Stuff like that just makes me miserable as hell. I feel like Holden Caulfield and Esther Greenwood combined.

If you look at children you see the innate cruelty of humans. I think we all seem nice and polite and caring, but if you were to strip away all of the boundaries of social order, you would see us for what we really are. Vicious and selfish. Greedy. Our species got to the top of the food chain by destroying other animals and destroying other species of human.

This is probably all coming from a place of internal despair, and I will look back on this and see that yes, there is a lot of shit in the world, but there is also some good. I believe that our world is mostly bad with good splattered around, not the other way around. 35% good, 65% bad. That sounds fair. 

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