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Tuesday, 10 July 2018


This post is not intended as an attack on those that identify as Muslim, or of any other religion. I am explicitly disagreeing with the ideology of Islam and members of Islamic Terrorist groups. I have no issue with peaceful followers of Islam. 

Whenever I (pointlessly) try to bring up the problems of Islam with people, a lot of the time they will pull the 'Christianity is also bad' card. They will start raving on about how the Bible is homophobic, sexist, condones slavery and violence, and use this to justify that it somehow is 'unfair' to put 'all the blame' on Islam. While I agree that yes, Christianity and Judaism, also being Abrahamic religions, contain violent messages, it is beside the point.

Using the 'but so and so is bad too!' argument is a waste of time as far as I'm concerned. It's like when you're a kid and trying to ask your mum if you can stay out later, and start saying 'so and so's parents let them stay out late!' (We've all done it). Your mum doesn't care. They're not TALKING about so-and-so.

Why are you trying to avoid the topic at hand by trying to 'scapegoat' something else? I could use the 'but so and so' argument to attempt to immaturely justify anything:

'You complain about me smoking weed all the time, but alcohol is so much worse!'
'You complain about me going to Burger King, but McDonald's is so much worse!'
'You complain about me staying out all night, but at least I'm not pregnant!'

All you're doing is using one not-so-good thing to try and justify another not-so-good thing. It's a ridiculous argument. Weed and alcohol are both bad for you; fast food restaurants are all bad for you, and I'd be concerned about my sixteen year old daughter staying out all night or being pregnant.

The point is, you can't just try and ignore one problem by pointing to another one. 'This thing may be bad, but that thing is worse!' It's lame and ridiculous. Yet we all do it, me included, with small insignificant things, and much bigger things.

Christianity has it's problems. But that statement DOES NOT change the problems within Islam. In fact, it has no effect whatsoever. Standing around bitching about Christianity doesn't change the fact that most terrorist attacks occurring in the world right now are due to Islamic extremism. It doesn't change the fact that it is Islam that is being used to kill thousands of people and instill fear into people's hearts, not Christianity. It doesn't un-do the violent passages in the Qu'ran. It literally means nothing.

But yeah sure, for argument's sake let's say Christianity sucks too. Why does no one bitch about that? Well, there are a few reasons.

  • Christianity is not currently being used dangerously and on such a mass global scale as a way to enforce its viewpoints among the masses.
  • Christians that follow their book down to a fine point do not form militant groups and murder innocent people.
  • The few Christian extremist groups that exist do not have a massive number of members and that much power over the rest of the world to the point where they could destroy buildings or snatch away lives at any moment.
  • Women who follow Christianity are not forced to cover themselves from head to toe. Nuns that do so do out of choice, not force.
  • The 'prophet' in Christianity, Jesus Christ, was a peaceful hippie carpenter who (allegedly) performed miracles. He was not a war lord and he did not consummate a relationship with a child.
  • Most Christians who protest against abortion or homosexuality do so peacefully - yes, they are being intolerant, but the majority are not being violent and blowing things up on a mass scale. And before you say that there are some that blow up clinics; there are, but they are in the minority, whereas all Islamic extremists use violence as a means to prove their 'point.'
  • Christianity went through one of the most important phases in the history of human thought - the European Enlightenment. The Enlightenment enforced freedom and secularism, making Jews and Christians more tolerant to other points of view. Yes, before this Christianity enforced many of its authoritarian values on people. But post-Enlightenment, we have seen this decline rapidly. This is why countries that were once governed by a Christian ideology have become more secular; the Enlightenment pushed for libertarian ideals when it came to religion. If Islam went through its own Enlightenment, this reign of Islamic terror would probably come to an end. 
Martin Luther King followed Christianity and preached peace. Malcolm X followed Islam and preached self-defence and stated 'we should not be afraid to meet violence with violence.' He was much more militant and rigid in his mind-set. It was only later on in his life, once he was kicked out of the Nation of Islam (whose members killed him) that he embraced integration and accepted that people of all ethnic backgrounds and religions/non-religions should coexist peacefully. Unfortunately by then it was too late.

I'm an atheist. I'm not pro-Christianity by any means and I am not trying to 'defend' it. I am simply tired of people using the 'but Christianity' argument to attempt to justify Islam somehow being 'peaceful.' I don't really understand why this argument exists, but it's probably something to do with Christianity being predominantly European and Islam being practiced more in Middle Eastern and African countries.

Well, newsflash. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all Abrahamic religions. Early practitioners of all three were brown. Modern practitioners of all three come in all skin colours. So it is not 'racist' to speak out against Islam and to somehow associate Islam with people of colour and Christianity with white people. That in itself is racist, and that is probably the core reason why liberal Westerners try so hard to not 'offend' Islam.

Credits to DarkMatter2525.

I'll bet you anything, if the majority of members of Islam were white Anglo-Europeans, liberal Westerners would rain down on them hard. How fucked up is that? What's more fucked up is many Islamic values - patriarchy, anti-gays, gun violence, capital punishment, female submission, theocracy, nationalism - are supported by white right-wingers. Liberals are happy to yell at the straight white man with a gun in his hand, but bow down to the straight brown man with a gun in his hand. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED website if you would like to read someone else's perspective:

Obviously I don't agree with 'Christ as our Lord and Saviour' but look at this open-mindedly:

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  1. Sorry but cannabis is actually good for bodies' endocannibinoid system. Get some science.

    1. Thank you for such an articulate and well-thought-out response that clearly addresses the entire point of this article.


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