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Monday, 2 July 2018

How the world began (2010)

A twelve year old's mildly hilarious and frank tale of how the world could have been created.


Since the beginning of time people have questioned the existence of God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, how the world started, if there really is a parallel world and so on.

I have no answers. I don't even know why I'm writing this, trying to be all formal and 'posh'. Maybe it's because I'm hoping that when I'm a little bit older and finally famous, this will be found.

Just so you know, whoever 'you' are, I'm not posh. Lots of people say I am and tease me for it (I've never taken teasing well at all) because of the way I speak and apply myself sometimes. The thing is I'm just mature. A lot more mature than some people think. Loads of peeps know I'm really mature, but just how mature? Well, I'm very mature, and can sound extremely formal on one hand (like just there) but bare informal 2 (lyk just dere lol).

For some reason I felt like writing this about how the world all started. I can't say the truth. I can't prove it. No one can. I'm not gonna say “Do not question the existence of God” or “Do not say Jesus' name in vain!” Personally, I think it's REALLY unfair that everyone goes on about Jesus and Christians. It's like some people forget that Christianity isn't the only religion on the planet. I for one don't have a religion but I believe EXCEEDINGLY strongly in God, and believe that there's no Devil, no such thing. One: cos it just creeps me out thinking there's one. Two: it just seems dumb. God's wayyyy strong enough to take care of himself without needing some evil nemesis down in Hell. And three: I'm not bothered saying there's a Satan. There's God and only God.

Frankly, I think religions in a way shouldn't exist. They cause fights, moreover waste time and fuck people's heads around. (Sorry for my language if you're a little kid reading this). I haven't been through a lot in my life of almost thirteen years, (yeah I'm quite young only twelve at the moment – well almost 12.10 as it's the first of April today) but I have loads of thoughts about the world. I really want to make it a better place like Mandela, Mother Theresa and Shakira, and of course many many more great people.

Yes, like Jesus himself. Just so 'you' know, I don't think he's the son of God. Sorry Lord (why do they call him lord anyway! A King's way higher than a lord and he's WAYYYYY higher than a king!!!) but I think when Sir was raving on in assembly about Easter and Jesus coming back to Earth after his life I was like 'skeen!' to that crap, apologizing having offended one of my greatest ever friends who happens to be a Christian. Not a very strict one at all. In fact all she does is believe Jesus is the Son of God, which I deffo don't. God can't have children! He influenced Mary to have Jesus and give birth to him, as she was a virgin and may be doomed to never have sex with her hubby Joseph, but he wasn't Jesus' true dad. I used to think that when I was a kid cos you know I was a kid then and yes, I still am, which a lot of people my age can't grasp, particularly my cousin, who is another one of my greatest people ever.

Jeez, all this rambling. Yes, I said Jeez, not Jesus. I hardly ever say 'fucking hell', but I say 'Oh God' loads. It's only yesterday that I clocked for the first time that all this cursing is religious. Oh my God. Fucking Hell. Jesus! Get it? Why do we say that? And plus why is God always a man? I'd try change but I'm so used to hearing God as a man and using him as a man that I can't imagine him female or as an 'it'. He just has to be HIM, even though he obviously doesn't have a sex.

It's kinda sad that Christianity is the biggest religion in a country like England. Along with white people, men and tall people, Christianity also dominates the world. Yet another thing I'm not. (I happen to be a WOMAN, very short for my age and mixed race, African and Asian, more specifically Tanzanian and Indian. And I'm not a Christian). But one day I will not exactly dominate the world, but make the path that bit clearer for blacks, short people, women and other religions. OK maybe not the religions part but definitely the other three.

CHRIST, I could carry this on all day but I must be boring 'you' now, so without further ado here's my story. I've been known to talk a lot. I also have a reputation for writing a lot, in which another one of my great friends ALWAYS comments on. Still, I'm a writer. It's one of my talents, along with acting, dancing and speaking. Am I boasting? I'm just informing. Someone make me shut up already.

How the world began

Once upon a time there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was literally nothing. Just God, in all his almighty greatness.

It had been nothing for a while now. God was an extremely powerful, intelligent spirit who knew everything. Everything. More than a human could possibly imagine.

He was far too almighty to get bored. Lonely? Give me a break. He was God, for Gods sake. But he started wondering about creating some life. Doing something with his power and intelligence. All that existed was him. He wanted to change that.

So he decided he wanted to create something. He designed how it would look, how it would happen and be, and much later humans were to know it as 'The Big Bang.'

Well, it was an appropriate name, as it sure was big and sure was a bang. A millennia of atoms and atmosphere came, along with planets, galaxies, stars and comets. God named it Space. Only God knows why, but the name stuck.

Everything seemed uncontrollable, although of course for God it was easy to control. He left it to be though, only steadily guiding it, giving it all life. The entire atoms, planets and galaxies seemed a little messy, so God chose to tidy them up a little.

Then he thought to himself that that would be rather pointless, therefore chose only nine planets, several moons and something bright and beautiful. God made it deadly hot, and called it fire. Then he thought that he wanted fire to be involved later, so gave this huge bright fireball a different name. It seemed rather glorious, this light ball, and would bring his other creatures light. He named it the Sun.

God placed the sun in the centre and lined the planets around it. He stuck a small planet nearest to it, naming it Mercury. Hmm, Mercury, God thought. It sounded dangerous and harmful, yet mysterious. He decided to use the name later on.

Next, he got another small planet. Although this one was slightly further away from the Sun, he gave it slightly more heat, deciding it would be the hottest planet. He gave it the name of Venus, thinking it sounded very beautiful.

Afterwards he placed a special planet, naming it Earth. God decided that he wanted life to be upon Earth, so decided to start working on it. Of course while he was placing all the various planets they continued to be speedily moving still; of course God could handle them as he could with anything.

He continued to do this, placing the remaining six planets and naming them Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and finally Pluto. He wanted each planet name to be used later on. Once each planet was in position he scattered each moon randomly, saving one. A special one.

Swiftly, God made his way back to the third planet, Earth. It was very tiny, though not as tiny as Pluto, the smallest and coldest planet. God carefully placed the moon behind Earth, and set each planet to go around the sun at a different period of time.

Zarina Macha
April 1st, 2010


I don't really remember writing this. Obviously now aged twenty-one, not twelve, I view the world slightly differently; I am an atheist, and the world is not 'harder' for blacks or women - not in such a direct and generalized way.
Nonetheless, I found this on my computer and thought it would be fun to share it, if only for myself. Been buzzing lately because my first live book is coming out soon, it's all I've really been thinking about. Hey look younger me; I'm finally an author. We did it kiddo. Even if I don't become 'famous' in the future, at least I'm doing what I love. 

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