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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Stupidest TV Shows Ever

This is a list of TV shows I think are dumb. (As always these are just my opinions, feel free to disagree, its boiling hot in the UK right now and I just want to have a laugh).

Love Island. Ok, I've never seen this show, but I'm pretty sure if I saw it I'd hate it. From what I've heard its about vapid shallow Kardashian-look-alikes who have sex with each other. (Only they don't really show the sex, so that's pointless). If I wanted to watch a show about people having sex I'd go on pornhub. But anyway, it sounds like the pinnacle of stupidity and superficial boredom. The people all look like plastic mannequins. Sure, the guys are hot, but I'm sure if I went up to one of them and tried to have a conversation with him, he'd stare at me with such a blank expression that I would feel my insides drying up.

X Factor. Simon Shitbag created this show in order to humiliate people and exploit their dreams or lack of talent. The one year I watched a season of X Factor was the time when Cowell was NOT on the panel (it was with Tulisa, Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow). If you are a serious musician you should NOT go on this show. Once you sign a contract with Syco they pretty much own you and you have very little creative control over your product. Out of the thousands of people that have been on that shit show, very few have become successful, and the few that are produce bland, tasteless music that only nine year old girls could possibly enjoy.
(Ok, I liked Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke back in the day, and there is this song called 'Wings' by Little Mix that I like. But everything else sucks).

Britain's Got Talent. Pretty much the same, only the 'talent' is extended outside of singers so there are even more desperate wannabes to humiliate. I think Simon Cowell is possibly one of the worst people on the planet; he's up there with Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in my list of celebrities I wish didn't exist.

Big Brother. I have seen a couple seasons, though I think only of the celebrity version. The 'celebrities' that go on BB aren't really celebrities, they're mainly Eastenders actors or women that dated footballers. This show can be pretty entertaining, but on the whole its trash that gives Orwell's novel (that I bet most BB contestants have never read or heard of) a bad name.

The Jeremy Kyle Show, Jerry Springer Maury, etc. Any of those shows that have people come on and complain about their partner cheating on them, or their kid not being there's, or someone discovering their husband was gay - I really don't know what they talk about, but its mainly fabricated stories that people probably make up or exaggerate for attention.

TOWIE. Ew, what? I don't even know what this show is about. Orange people that get there chests and bikinis waxed.

Geordie Shore. I think I once watched five episodes of this and then lost interest cos it became boring and predictable and a watered-down version of half of the other shows on this list.

Keeping up with the Kardashians. I think that's self-explanatory.

Yeah, so as you can tell from this list, I absolutely cannot stand Reality TV and think most RTV shows are awful as hell. They're basically a way for the most deeply uninteresting people who wear too much make-up to talk about stuff or prance around for attention. What are some TV shows you hate? Do you agree/disagree with any part of this list? Let me know!

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