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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Trump En Londres

So Trump came to visit London yesterday. He's probably still here. I don't know, I don't care, and that's the point. Donald Trump has no relevance to me or my life. I really don't see why I need to see his name everywhere, all the time, with horrors and cries about what a 'RACIST! WHITE SUPREMACIST! EXAMPLE OF TOXIC MASCULINITY! HOMOPHOBE! STUPID IMMATURE BUZZWORD!' he is.

I think protesting against him is petty, immature and stupid. There are way worse people on this planet than Donald Trump. (Vladimir Putin, for instance, who is an actual homophobe and probably racist). I'm not a big fan of Trump; I don't 'hate' him (I don't care enough to), but I struggle to take him seriously. I also can't tell whether or not the media portrays him how he really is (probably don't), or if they just sensationalize 'shocking' things he says or does in order to instigate a reaction from us twats around the world.
The truth is, Donald Trump is the American President whether you like it or not, and it reflects really badly on the British public if we get a visit from one of the most powerful men in the world and basically shit all over him. How do you think politicians from other countries are going to view the UK now? 'What a bunch of immature pussies.' It's fine if you don't like the guy or agree with his politics, but you're going to act like kids whining rather than being civil mature adults and accepting the guy being here? Plus what other politician is going to want to come and do business with the UK if this is how we treat people? How are tourists or financial investors going to feel?

I suppose it would make more sense if Trump was truly heinous like Kim Jong Un, but the funny thing is (and I know this is a deeply popular opinion but I could not care less): I don't think Trump is that bad. He doesn't interest me enough, firstly, but from what I've researched about him through sources that aren't just out to bash him:
All three of these guys suck in different ways. 
Trump is not a racist. His wife is foreign. Haiti ISN'T a pleasant country. It's rife with poverty and that's a fact; why is stating a fact 'racist'? He publicly praised civil rights activists on Black History Month. Sure, it could have been all for show but if was truly a 'white supremacist' why would he bother pretending to respect black people? And for the last time he is against ILLEGAL immigration, not immigration.

Trump is not homophobic. He is one of the most supportive Republicans of LGBT rights ever. There's no evidence of his so-called homophobia. As for 'trans-phobia', trans people have a higher level of mental illness than most people which is why it isn't wise for someone who is trans to join the army. If the person has already transitioned and is mentally stable and has gone through checks then why shouldn't they be allowed to join the army? (And honestly, while I support LGBT rights the level of media attention transgender people have been getting over the past few years is overwhelmingly absurd. Just live your lives and be yourselves but stop being so in our faces about it).

Trump is not a sexist. He's made a few silly comments about women; no more than what many guys joke about among themselves. (Anyway, Hillary Clinton is practically a rape-apologist but let's just ignore that because oh, she's a woman AND a Democrat).
If Trump hates women so much, why would so many women support him?

Donald Trump does not deserve the over-exaggerated hate that he gets. He is not some evil so-called white nationalist. He is just a man who makes a lot of outlandish statements because he knows it will get him media attention. All people are doing when complaining constantly about him is giving him more of that attention he so craves.

People are so dumb they don't see how a person with no political experience and no real knowledge of how to govern a country could become the President of the US simply by pandering to media sensationalism. If you truly hate Trump so much, ignore him. Be the bigger person and walk away. If you stop giving someone attention, eventually they get tired of 'acting out.'

Well I just watched the above video; Trump had every right to criticise Theresa May's handling of Brexit as she ISN'T at all handling it because no one has a clue what's going on. Also I'm getting pretty sick of Saadiq Khan (and I voted for him, eurgh) with all his Mr Nice Guy let's-appease-Islamic extremism-and-do-nothing-because-terrorism-is-inevitable bs. And he authorized a giant orange balloon of Trump flying over. Not cool man. How is it a good thing to insult the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world, with strong ties regarding business interests?

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