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Friday, 31 August 2018

Why is the human body X-Rated?

Underneath our clothes, we are all naked. In our hunter-gatherer times and in many tribes across the world, men and women wear minimal clothing. Women comfortably have their breasts on display in public without there being an sexual connotations. They know there is no shame in the human body.

Understandably, we are not living in caves anymore. In many parts of the world it is far too cold to walk around wearing nothing; logically we probably wear clothes and shoes now to protect our bodies from external hazards, including the weather.

But along with this, the human body has become something that needs to be 'covered up', especially in certain parts of the world. No other animal feels that they need to cover up their raw flesh or fur. Yet we do, for reasons listed above, but the price has been that there is now 'shame' in nakedness. Any film or TV show that portrays a person wearing nothing is suddenly rated as for adults. And when something is 'covered up', it becomes more desirable as it is a taboo, whereas if it is exposed then it is no longer 'forbidden fruit' therefore erotic connotations decrease.

Nudity doesn't always need to be associated with sex, but in Western culture it is. A woman can't breastfeed in public because female breasts are so overly sexualised in the media. Yes, of course breasts are a sexual part of the body, but why is it that women in tribal cultures are comfortable wearing little clothing? Their breasts are still sexual, but they aren't only seen as sexual. Men's bodies are sexual too, but men can walk around in Western countries without a shirt and not be penalised for it, just as these women in those cultures can do. When you're in a relationship with someone you're naked with them and have sex with them, but you don't just see them as a sex partner. It's possible to be sexually attracted to someone but also to see them as a loving companion or simply another person.

The advertising industry has greatly contributed to the over-sexualisation of female bodies, and perhaps that is partly why nakedness is seen as taboo. We can't disassociate the body from sexual connotations. The human body's function is not just a sexual one. Artists who draw or capture tasteful nudes are capturing the human body, and they aren't necessarily doing it in a sexual way. Porn is a way in which the human body is displayed as sexual, but a nude photo of a woman gazing into a lake has no sexual connotations, just as the naked statue of David had no sexual connotations. It is simply art.

You get me? I'm very pro sexual-positivity, and I think accepting the human body in its purest form as both sexual and simply a body can contribute to a more relaxed view of our bodies. Our bodies are wonderful; they guide us, hold us and carry us everywhere. Moreover, the taboos of sex correspond with the taboos of nakedness, making us see sex and nudity as for 'adults only', rather than part of the natural state of human being.

And now to end this post with a poem from my poetry collection.

Poem: My Body

My body is beautiful.
It glides through the water, arms strong; legs compact.
Soft yet full, it holds me.
Pear shaped breasts symbolize my womanhood
I am beautiful woman.

My legs stretch out
Brown, strong, they run
Through the woods; trees hush in awe
The wind cheers me on.

My buttox sits on his face
He holds it; feels its richness.
My body is a delicious fruit
And he is the seed inside of me.

His seed is my ecstasy
Euphoric; I howl
Our bodies are one
Moving into each other.

Let no one shame your body
Women stand in the cubicle
Undressing, unashamed
White, brown, soft, thick
Like bread unwrapped from its package
Waiting to be eaten.

When did nakedness become shame?
Underneath our clothes we are all nude
Why is the human body X-Rated
Nature’s purest gift should be celebrated.

I feel my beautiful body
Move my finger down to pink pleasure button
Let them also tap out words on a keyboard
Strum guitar strings
Hold a pen
Grip the phone to call my brother
To tell him; he is beautiful
Our bodies came from the same womb
Raw and untouched
Perfect. Pure. Perfectly pure.
Yet clothes must cover up.

Tell your daughters to be ashamed of their bodies
Shame their skin
Shame is all
Let no man fall to lust; to desire flesh is sin
(not a nutritious human need)
Cover your face, skin, hair
Or run to the toilet and purge
Burn your throat as the food erupts
From the volcano within your gut
Burn it all.

Poison your body; poison your mind
Let it slip into venomous hatred
Ignore the food; push away
This bulge on my tummy, these burns at my breast
Scars everywhere, on arms and legs
Mutilate your body and destroy
Destroy ones’ body; destroy ones’ self
Let this body be cut to pieces
Burned, slashed, purged,
Until the person underneath is nought
But a black smudge waiting to be wiped.


Break the cycle, my child
Free your body from its chains
Let the world see no shame
In flesh, cells and nerve-endings
Never-ending nerve-endings.

Love your body and it will love you
For your body is a delicious fruit
And I am the seed inside of you.

19th August 2018

Poetry collection available to download here:


'Covering is captivating. If you see the same thing all the time, it's no big deal'

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  1. First of all it is really men that sexualize the female body. As even one women pointed out. Men unlike women are visual. A man is wired to be sexually stimulated at the sight of a nude women.
    However some people have more control over it.

    You want your body to be fully appreciated a visit to a nudist colony would help. I visited one. It was nice to be around a large group of nudists and feel comfortable.
    My other guess is that we live in a world where we are clothed. So we do not grow up seeing nude bodies. Actually in Europe there is far more acceptable nudity then in the US.
    So if a tribe is used to being nude then i am sure the men look at different things to get them turned on.
    A number of years ago i saw a national geographic show on channel 13 where every one in this tribe were completely nude. Every one.
    I guess everything is relative.

    1. Yeah men are much more visual than women and much more aroused by images (women can be visual too, just not as much as men, and typically require more contextual stimuli whereas a man can simply be aroused by images of breasts. This is why Playboy was a much more popular newspaper than Playgirl, of which half of its readers were gay men).

      I would be intrigued to visit a nudist colony XD sounds fascinating.

      Well one of the articles I linked at the bottom mentioned that when people get used to seeing nude bodies they become less of a big deal. e.g. when you're in a relationship with someone you get used to seeing them naked so it becomes normal. You're sexually attracted to your partner - obviously - but you also like them for their personality and companionship.


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