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Friday, 28 September 2018

I'm wrong about everything.

Everything I have ever written on this blog is complete and utter nonsense. Everything I say or do is stupid. My YouTube videos suck. I am totally and utterly wrong about everything, including this sentence (which makes a paradox).

My point: we're always changing, evolving and moving forward. Every day we grow a little more, learn more, develop more. I often read my blog posts and notice typos; mistakes, things I may not agree with or view in the same light. That is ok. Part of being human is making mistakes. If it wasn't for mistakes, we wouldn't grow. We wouldn't become better people.

It takes a lot of courage to admit you're wrong, and makes you a better person in the long run. Admitting that you know nothing (Jon Snow) is much harder than believing that your way is the right way. But it will end up making your life easier.

If I stand up, hand on heart and say 'there are times I was wrong, times when I contradicted myself and was hypocritical', how can anyone challenge me when I have already accepted my shortcomings? What is left to say?

It's ok to get things wrong. In fact, it's healthy. It's ok to look back at past images and experiences and think 'god, I was soooo cringey back then, why did I say that/dress like that?' Don't worry. Seriously. No one cares that much. However, there is one thing I must say I'm fairly right about: Kit Harrington is fucking GORGEOUS.

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