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Friday, 5 October 2018


Blaire White, a popular transgender YouTuber.
I haven't really blogged much about trans people - mainly because it's not a massive topic to me. I have a few posts on gender, and my views are pretty frank. I think it's kind of sad that it's all become such a huge big deal to the point where laws are being passed in certain countries to prosecute people for 'misgendering' someone, or doctors are being pushed to advocate for 'gender neutral' babies.

My view is quite simple. I have nothing personally against trans people, just like I have nothing personally against feminists, Muslims, gay people, bisexual people, conservatives, anarchists, etc. I look at people based on the content of their character and whether or not I can interact on a rational, human level with them. All I really want from every human I interact with is a sense of politeness and basic respect, whatever the context.

I've dyed my hair a lot. I'll even link a blog post about it:
My natural hair colour is dark brown, but if I dye my hair red, everyone can clearly see I have red hair. It would be a bit stupid to refer to me as a brunette because my hair clearly looks red and has chemical substances put in it to change the colour. Yes, I may be a natural brunette, but it's no longer relevant because my hair colour has changed and everyone can see the new colour and the chemicals with the dye.

I view trans people in a similar light. If a person has undergone gender reassignment surgery; they're on hormones, they've had or are in the process of getting their organs changed, and you can clearly see they look like their new gender, then that's what they are. It doesn't matter to me if their biological sex is male. Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner and Blaire White are all women are far as I'm concerned. Sure, Blaire is hot, Laverne is nice-looking and Caitlyn is...interesting, but they all look like women, they've had surgery, their hormonal make-up has shifted, so I will refer to them as women.

Same goes for men. I'm a heterosexual female; if a man looks like a man, and if I pull down his pants and will see a dick and testicles, we're good to go. I don't care if he was biologically female; if he's already transitioned and clearly looks like a man and has male organs, then he is a man to me. Thus in that context I would have no problem dating a transgender man, as long as he looked (and felt) like a regular man.

I understand it isn't that simple to some people, although I'm not really sure why. Being 'feminine' or 'tomboyish' doesn't mean your gender has changed, and I think that does a disservice to actual trans people. People who are trans suffer from gender dysphoria, a medical condition. Gender dysphoria is a biological illness that a tiny portion of the population suffer from and I can only imagine how appalling that must feel. It's not some 'psychological problem', it's a physical problem that affects a person's hormonal and chromosomal make-up. I support gender dysphoria being funded on the NHS or at least partially funded, because it's an illness people suffer from, just like I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder.

BUT. Why has this topic been blown out of proportion everywhere, online and offline? Why should the entire world change just because a tiny minority of human beings have gender dysphoria? Why is it that on forms now, we have to answer whether or not our gender is 'the same as we were assigned at birth'? If a biological male has undergone a sex change, she is a woman now. Shouldn't that be the end of it? They're now able to live their life healthily as the sex they're meant to be. We shouldn't have to have campaigns for men and women to be sharing bathrooms and changing rooms because of a few people's personal feelings.

I'm not really sure why this has grown to be such a controversial topic within the past few years. I really think it is silly. If a person wants to express their gender in a more feminine/masculine/androgynous way, then they can go for it. But just because a small minority of the human population have a biological disorder, doesn't mean that the entirety of the population needs to change the way it is.

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