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Friday, 8 February 2019

The Joys of Being a Teenager (poem)

So I dug this up out of my vault of words. It's more of a performance poem but I was probably too embarrassed to perform it in public. Wrote it aged seventeen.

Curfews, kissing, cool kids hissing
Down 'on road', don't know what I'm missing
Everybody tellin ya what to do
'No hats inside!'
'Be home by nine!'

My friends call me weird and my friends call me crazy
Dad thinks I'm irritating, mum says I'm lazy
Lie on my bed with the earphones in
Both scream 'you're out of control!'

Stupid rules in the school building
'Scuse me, miss, you made a wrong turning
Schoolwork, homework, day after day
Fail your life or pass these grades

Art is useless, philosophy stinks
The economy's dead, recession kicks
Science and tech are all that matter
So writers; head to the street

Saturday night, everybody's getting wasted
Saturday night, I dream of better places
Turn on the TV, watch Family Guy
Secretly wishing I'd shoot to the sky

Narcissistic spouts of depression
Run to the therapist's office and weep
9 months sat in the counsellor's chair
Could this be the only guy who cares

Pining after the same stupid boys
Miss the days my bro and I played with toys
But to go back would be like walking into butter
Or lying underneath a cow's udder

Going round London, working for cash
This city is beautiful, and it's trash
£4, £3, £2 please
Thank you madam, now on your knees

Red and pink and blue and green
It ain't all bad, sometimes pretty neat
Standing on stage, being a drama queen
Jokes on the bus every Tuesday evening

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
My generation sucks, but we'll live forever
Or will we? Maybe we're just too cool
Now clap your hands as I walk through the door.

17th February 2015 

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