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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Changing the Way I Blog

When I started this blog in 2017, I wanted a space to let out my opinions and converse with others online. A lot of that took place through Google Plus; I would share many of my posts in various groups and have conversations (and debates) with others online about them. I even made friends with someone who commented heavily on my posts and whom I resumed contact with after a misunderstanding. (She and I communicate regularly in private and find our friendship mutually rewarding.)

A lot has changed in two-and-a-half years, obviously. Last year I became a self-published author; next year I hope to be on track to getting traditionally published. I'm also writing articles for other online outlets - in short, as my online presence grows, it's shifting, and that includes my blog.

I've had to think hard and discuss with others how much of myself to share online. Obviously I'm not a major 'influencer' at the moment (although that could change with time). Fact is, as my mum put it, I've become more 'business minded' and that affects what I post online. I've reverted some posts to draft, that I may re-publish after modifications. I've deleted posts that I thought were too personal, too 'rambly', or made me appear to vulnerable. Have done the same with my YouTube channel as well.

It used to be that I wanted an outlet, validation, and wanted to be 'noticed'. Isn't that why some people have Instagram accounts with thousands of near-identical selfies? But now I have things to sell, products to present. Books, music, articles. I want to present myself online as a serious writer and musician. This doesn't mean I can't write funny, satirical or potentially controversial posts. It just means that everything I do online now needs to be constructed around my work, because I am now a business. Bottom line: I'm selling my books. I'm a fiction novelist and poet. And in the same way a mother changes her life to fit her newborn baby, I'm changing my online presence to fit my newborn books. 

So this is why I'm trying to use more of my own images or free images (rather than just selecting anything from Google), why I've taken down some posts or edited a lot of them, why I'm blogging less frequently - my mind is now focused on my professional writing. Blogging was meant as a hobby to practice my writing, to share some of my poems, and to voice my opinions. But it's a means to an end. I love it and I see no reason to stop, but it's all tying in to my main goal: fiction author.

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