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Monday, 9 December 2019

THIRD NOVEL COMING SOON! (5th published work)

Things have been non-stop for me since self-publishing my fiction and poetry in 2018. I've since had an article published in the i newspaper; have a mailing list (click here to join and get free book downloads), sold copies of my poetry books at poetry events in London, had my books reviewed on book blogs and swapped interviews with other authors and bloggers. 

A friend from uni has helped me out with various marketing things such as setting up my mailing list and finding me links to school workshop agencies. I'm learning a lot and am still only at the beginning, but proud of what I've accomplished with all the support along the way. Here's the blurb for my upcoming young-adult fiction novel, Around Midnight.

The harder you love, the higher the stakes.

Jazz is everything to Megan Hollis. When her hands clasp the saxophone, melodies flow with each breath.

Music carries her from Copperwood to London, with university on the horizon. Set on attending London’s prestigious School of Jazz, all elements of her life harmonize.

Then she meets Vincent Turner, the mysterious guy with a dangerous reputation. Intoxicated by his possessive charms, Megan’s love shifts from melodic bliss to a dissonant nightmare. 

While the future promises stardust dreams, her new relationship takes a turn for the worse. Megan becomes caught between what she wants and what everyone believes is best for her.

Will Megan learn to dance to the beat of her own rhythm?


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