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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

High Heels Are Stupid

I’m totally not writing this post cos the last time I wore heels I was sixteen and shopping for prom shoes with my mates who were taking the piss out of the fact that I walked like a doofus in them. I ended up taking my 2 inch heels off at prom and wearing flats cos some idiot made the front really tight and the back really loose.
I’ve spent most of my life being called a midget in different ways (I’m barely 5”3) and heels are supposed to be a short girl’s lifesaver. BUT they’re not. They hurt your back, hurt your feet, you can’t run in them if you’re being chased by rapists and they make you fall about everywhere when you’re pissed. Ever seen a drunk girl in heels standing still? Me neither. (Then again, ever seen a drunk person standing still.)
If you like heels, great. If you don’t, don’t feel pressured to wear them. They’re impractical and sure they look hot but so do flats. Girls shouldn’t have to limp for mercy just cos of some dumb fashion trend. I’m sure Katie will understand if you turn up to her birthday party in flats, and if she doesn’t she’s not the greatest friend. Wear what you want and stay comfy!


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