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Friday, 19 May 2017


When I was in year 8, there was this massive uproar in school about the illuminati, this secret devil-worshipping society that bought the souls of Nicki Minaj and BeyoncĂ© and Michael Jackson in order to make them into celebrities. Videos of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry making triangle shapes with their hands surfed the internet, with symbols confirming them having sold their souls to the devil. There are usually some Bible quotes thrown in these videos made by these conspiracy theorists on the internet. Unfortunately I was only 12/13 when I saw these and got freaked out by this garbage for a couple of years until I realised it was nonsense. In year 9 I saw an Alicia Keys concert with my family and got freaked out by all the signs and words ‘RISE UP’, thinking that she was connected to Satan.

So, first things first. In the 17th and 18th century, the Bavarian Illuminati (who were actually a thing) consisted of a group of scientists, philosophers and intellectuals, who wanted to challenge superstition and traditionalism, replacing it with free thought, critical thinking and empiricism. It’s very ironic how a group once associated with facts and reason have now become associated
with worshiping the devil. This group was shut down in 1785. Since then they have ceased to exist, although thankfully we in the West are now reaping the rewards of their work and all of the other members of the Enlightenment period.

Secondly, there is no such thing as Satan. There is no proof or reason for a ‘Satan’ or ‘Devil’ or ‘Hades’ to exist, just as there is no proof or reason for a ‘God’ or ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Zeus’ to exist. But let’s say for arguments’ sake that Satan is real. Why would he/she propose the idea of collecting people’s souls and making them famous in exchange? If that was possible then wouldn’t everyone do that? According to religious texts it’s pretty easy for people to sin anyway; pre-marital sex, drinking, drugs, masturbating, being gay, having an abortion, getting a divorce, not getting married, yelling at your parents and a host of other things can all send you to Hell. It’s not that hard for Satan to collect your eternal soul (the soul being another vague and fictional concept). Why would he decide to make you famous simply by asking for your soul? You give him something he’ll probably acquire anyway, and he’ll give you moves like Jagger. If that’s the case, sign me up baby.

Furthermore, why are popular/R&B artists being associated with Satan? Traditionally in music, it’s the rock, punk and metal artists that have all the skulls and chains and pictures of devils. Satanism is an actual belief system, and there is a Satanic Bible. It’s just another religion where people worship Satan rather than Jesus. Why aren’t the Sex Pistols or Nirvana or Black Sabbath or Guns N Roses being associated with the illuminati? That’s the real confusing thing here. And to make matters dumber:
BeyoncĂ© – Christian; Alicia Keys – Christian; Lady Gaga – raised Catholic; Jay-Z – deist; Drake – Jewish; Rihanna – Christian; Katy Perry – deist; Michael Jackson – Jehovah’s Witness; Nicki Minaj – deist.

So all these artists supposedly associated with worshipping Satan are in fact believers in God and/or religious. R&B music has its roots in Soul and Gospel, which was very sacred music and all about praising Jesus and singing in the church. It’s clearly the opposite of devil worshipping.

And finally, the most important point. People who believe in the illuminati claim that they ‘control the entire world.’ Wooooooooo. And they do it for the will of Satan!
Of course there are a bunch of wealthy people in the world that control the military, the oil supply and own most of the money. They are that way because they are greedy, power-hungry and want more than the rest of us. They are most likely psychopaths that don’t care about anyone but themselves. Throughout the history of humankind there have always been some humans that exploit the rest of the humans through means of power and control and instigating fear – religion, capitalism, communism, feminism, slavery. ‘Believe in Allah! Believe that the patriarchy is the root of oppression! Believe that money is the root of all evil! Believe that money is all you need! Believe that black people are inferior! Believe that women are inferior!’ Believe, believe, believe. All this is based on fear and faith and no evidence, which again makes it all the more ironic that such a noble group are now being associated with this crap.
American Dad: the 'Illuminutty'

1984, The Hunger Games, Enemy of the State, Brave New World; these are all examples of films and books where a totalitarian government rule everything and control what everyone does. This has happened in real life; Stalin’s Russia, North Korea, Nazi Germany. None of this needs to be ‘mystified.’ Some humans are cunts and want to take over the rest of us. I don’t know why, I don’t know why they care so much, but that’s just the way it is. Shit happens. 9/11 was not an ‘illuminati conspiracy.’ It happened because a bunch of cunts followed a book with a fascistic agenda and claimed that the West are infidels and so attacked a famous monument. People are just mean and selfish and take take take. That’s life. The real devils are here on earth, not down in some make-believe Hell. Plus there is much speculation about the 'all seeing eye' and the pyramid on the US dollar. The all-seeing eye is a commonly used religious symbol representing a God looking down at us, and the dollar says 'In God We Trust' on it. The pyramid has 13 layers, representing the 13 original colonies and families that came to the US.

So with that in mind, I hoped that’s cleared up some of this illuminati crap. I’ve had so many arguments/debates with people about this nonsense. If you still believe it then whatever, good for you. But it’s utter nonsense and frankly rather pointless when there are clear explanations for why things are the way they are.

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