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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Angel Face (poem)

There once was a man with locks shining gold
He approached a van, for feeling bold
Asking for great secrets on lock
Reply did sigh 'reveal I cannot'

The man entered the world of daunting doom
At his own risk, witnessed the gloom
Shudders and shouts and cries of surprise
Pain to some, but pleasure in his eyes

Smacks and swings and sweat dripped down
Thick muscles tousled, mouths in a frown
A bubble of choked release and pride
To be a real man, off the shore and tide

Shoved onto the platform of truth untold
A provocative look, spit leapt and hold
Tossed onto the sheen of the man's smooth skin
Till pleasure dissolved, but he could not win

Now the man's features drip with scarlet blood
His eyes bulging out like that of a pug
To destroy something beautiful like fair Lenore
And now Angel Face was beautiful forever no more.

26th April 2015

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