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Monday, 16 October 2017

What's wrong with incest?

It’s gross and creepy. Hold your pantyhose, keep your balls on, I’m not saying I agree with incest. The point of discussion is to look deeper into things and ask ‘why’, as opposed to brush things off as ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

So incest makes most of us shudder. The general population considers sexual and romantic relations between family members to be taboo. Historically, cultures have engaged in incest for thousands of years, with royalty marrying their cousins in order to continue their bloodline. The only real non-emotional problem with incest is that it leads to genetically deformed children. Because of the similarity between human DNA, if two people with close DNA reproduce (or inbreed), their kids get all fucked up and develop disorders, possible infertility, and whatever else.

Other than that, let’s look at it like this. A hundred years ago, two men loving each other and wanting to be together was viewed as gross and creepy. Now no one (besides homophobes) give a shit. What’s say that a few hundred years from now incest is going to be socially accepted?

When two people love each other, and it’s all consensual as opposed to coerced or forced, who is anyone to say they can’t be together? Sure, we might be freaked out by it, but maybe it’s none of our goddamn business. I don’t see why incest should be illegal. Maybe incestuous marriage shouldn’t be legal so it stays out of the government, but wanting to be together is their choice. People can’t exactly help who they fall in love with.

I’ve never personally felt any romantic attraction to any of my siblings or cousins. I have incredible, sweeping, indescribable love for a few of my close family members, but nothing romantic/sexual. (Ok, I did joke with my ex about having a threesome with my cousin but I have a dark sense of humour. Cmon, I wouldn’t really do that. Ok her and I have pretended we’re lesbians a few times to get out of certain situations but...yeah I’m digging my own grave here).

There’s this thing called Genetic Sexual Attraction. When family members are separated at birth, e.g. siblings separated from each other or parents separated from their children, there have been cases where they’ve met for the first time and DAYUM cupid’s arrow has struck. I don’t know much about the psychology behind it, but it is a real thing. Maybe it’s weird and fucked up because you and I don’t understand it and can’t relate to it. But just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong. They’re not hurting anyone by being together. I actually think you can cause more pain and damage to yourself by denying your true feelings.

I know some readers are going to be dumb enough to interpret this as me saying I agree with incest and think it’s a great idea. I don’t personally agree with it. I think it’s weird. I don’t personally agree with religion; doesn’t mean I don’t think religious people shouldn’t be able to have the right to practice their beliefs. It’s not about what ‘I’ want or what anyone wants. I think the world would be better if people were less concerned with ‘moral outrage’ and just took things as they were. I’m saying this as a highly sensitive emotional person; I’m not an emotionless sociopath; actually it’s because of my sensitivity and working on keeping it right-sized that I’m able to see where we should put feelings and subjective morals aside in place of liberalism. (Liberalism, in this instance; means letting people do what they want as long as it’s not causing harm to others).

If a brother and sister are having sex with each other, how is that affecting you? It’s not. The only reason you (and I) feel ‘disgusted’ by it is because everybody else does. Humans are like sheep; we tend to prefer conformity as opposed to thinking for ourselves. This is a survival instinct; we survive better in teams as opposed to being lone wolves. (I’m more of a lone wolf type, clearly).

Bottom line, there are way worse things in this world than incest, like rape or burning a person alive for fun.

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  1. personally i don't think incest (done in a way that can't lead to pregnancy and that's consensual) is that bad, yeah sleeping with a sibling is kinda weird and gross but eh live and let live


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