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Friday, 24 November 2017

Favourite TV Shows Part 2

I did a list of my top 10 favourite TV shows a while ago; here are some new editions to add to the list (nearly all are shows I've watched and adored this year). I've also blogged about them all so will include links to individual articles I've written about some of the shows.

Spongebob Squarepants. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I loved it at six; at sixteen, and I love it at twenty. It's hilarious and fun. I have so many childhood memories of my brother and I running downstairs on a Saturday morning to watch Spongebob. I know it's for kids but it's a classic and I'll always have a soft spot for it hehe.

Game of Thrones. I think this and The Sopranos are my all-time favourite TV shows now. I'm currently reading the books which are equally amazing. Honestly George RR Martin is a genius. This show is packed with complex characters, most of whom have good and bad in them. We see their moral conflicts and flaws from all angles. The storylines are thrilling and breathless. Fundamentally it's a show about inner human struggles and relationships; family, friendship, lovers, enemies, who you can and can't trust. It does contain a lot of graphic violence - one fight scene was so much for me in Season 6 that I couldn't bare to look. But humans are violent, and have caused a lot of destruction over the years. It's an honest show that I could rave on about forever.

Rick and Morty. Another clever, brilliant show that satirizes the human desire for meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. It's so much more than a show about a man and his grandson that travel through dimensions. It messes around with cliches and pop culture references, as well as commenting on family, love, trust, nihilism, existentialism, absurdism, gender dynamics, politics, and so much more. And it also has a lot of silly humour thrown in. Definitely a cut above Family Guy, and I'd say on the same level as American Dad in its cleverness and wit.
(The above post isn't really about R&M but I have pictures from the show that relate to the content due to the philosophical overtones of the show).

Jane the Virgin. This show is lighter and less 'deep' than Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty. I would class it as a comedy-romance-drama-crime-thriller; again it's a show that crosses genres and messes with cliches and even disposes and mistreats some major characters. It satirizes classic Latin Telenovelas, and the humorous overtones of the narrator maintain the lightness of it.

Orange is the new black. Not as deep as Game of Thrones but a bit more serious than Jane the Virgin as it deals with some heavier themes. I love that this show is about a woman's prison as prison shows and films tend to be male-centric. It showcases female sexuality and lesbianism, friendship, cliques, drama, and the ups and downs of the central characters. Serious things like rape, drugs, abuse, poverty and racism are dealt with as well as day-to-day prison life.

13 Reasons Why. Definitely the heaviest and most serious on this list. I watched it in three days and it had a strong emotional effect on me which I won't go into too much detail on. I think it did a great job on showcasing teen depression and loneliness as well as bullying. I know it got a negative backlash for 'glorifying' suicide which I don't think it did at all. There were times when the dialogue and character playing seemed a bit fake and staged ('FML' for life and that weird stuff) but generally it did a good job. It's nice to see a teen show that isn't some happy-clappy show like True Jackson VP or Victorious that actually showcases teen difficulties.

Anyway, there you have it. If you regularly read my posts you've probably seen pictures and references to these shows in some posts anyway! Looking forward to all the great shows to come! I'm currently re-watching Sex and the City but am looking to get into Stranger Things after and I've heard lots of good things about The Walking Dead. I did watch the first two seasons of Breaking Bad and started the third, but it got too upsetting for me and I prefer shows with multiple storylines as opposed to one continuous storyline.

First post on favourite TV shows:

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