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Monday, 27 November 2017

The Fragility of Humanity

When people ask me what my favourite film of all time is, I usually say Titanic. I have adored that film since I was a kid. It’s a cinematic masterpiece. The emotion, the cinematography, the storyline, the plot twists, the raw tragicness of it all. The same scene always gets me; when Jack is downstairs in handcuffs, and Rose desperately tries to set him free. When I first saw that scene (I was about seven or eight) I burst into tears because of the injustice of it all and I thought Jack was going to die because of a crime he didn’t even commit. I thought it horribly unfair.
Seeing the way Rose and Jack constantly risk their lives for each other throughout the film is incredible. At the start, Rose is this snobby depressed girl who you do feel sorry for but is also up herself. By the end she’s the heroine of the movie. The true hero is of course Jack, as she never would have survived without him. He literally gave his life for her.

But what truly grips me about this movie isn’t the romance between Rose and Jack; it’s the fact that here is a ship with over two thousand people on board; and half of them perished because there weren’t enough lifeboats. And that all happened in real life. People desperately trying to get into a boat; barging their way through the gates, running and swimming and screaming for their lives. Rose and Jack wouldn’t have been the only star-crossed lovers on that ship. People were torn apart from their loved ones. If you were a first class woman or child, you were guaranteed to be safe as long as you got up to the top quick enough. (So much for women being oppressed). Men, on the other hand, had to stand there and watch their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters go on and live without them whilst most probably perished.

It’s amazing isn’t it, how fragile humans are. How in a time of desperation we find ourselves really fighting for our tiny, insignificant little lives. What would you have done in a situation like that? Me being an alkie, I probably would have just got pissed and that way allowed myself to drown in a blackout. But then I’m a woman so I may have been saved anyway, however I doubt I would have wanted to part from my brother or father. Maybe it would have been easier to just allow yourself to die, rather than feel the horror of being torn apart from the ones you love. At the end of the movie Rose chucks the heart of the ocean necklace into the ocean; I always thought that was symbolic of how despite its material value it never meant much to her. You can’t put a price on love for the ones you care about. In the end, no matter how much money you have, what part of the world you come from, or how clever you are; we all end up the same way. In the end, we all go to the same place; back into the ground. We are so tiny and fragile, here for a blink of an eye, experiencing the universe through ourselves during our lifetimes.

Mind-blowing stuff, is it not? 

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