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Monday, 20 November 2017

What makes beauty?

I don’t find Kim Kardashian that attractive. I know empirically she’s very sexy. I just think she looks fake and doll-like. Too much make-up on a woman isn’t pretty to me. Plus personality can influence how attractive I think a person is.

What makes someone beautiful and why is it so important? I’ve been told most of my life that I’m a good-looking person by males and females. I don’t mean to brag (hehe) but I am easy on the eye. Women are often expected to wish they looked ‘different’ and can be insecure about their looks. Our society seems to expect people to put themselves down looks-wise so cosmetic corporations can sell us things to 'improve' us. Of course I have insecurities about my looks and body, but generally I love the way I look and think I’m gorgeous, and pretty much always have. what? Is it that big of a deal? I’ve had some awful things happen to me in my life; bullying, toxic friendships, a toxic relationship, parents splitting up, depression, severe panic attacks, alcoholism, insomnia – being pretty wasn’t there for me when any of that shit happened. I don’t think being good looking means that much. 

Back to Kim Kardashian. I have a YouTube video from when I was sixteen ranting about her. Why is she seen as ‘all that’? I’ve listened to her speak and she sounds and moves like a mannequin. I can’t see what an intelligent (and highly self absorbed) guy like Kanye West would see in her, but then their relationship is none of my business (or interest much). Is it really just her looks? I don’t find her attractive, but many people seem to. If she was ugly or plain she’d be no one; she has no brains, no charisma, no humour, not much of anything besides a famous family name and a fake arse.

And what’s the deal with models? I don’t find most models to be that attractive either. They generally look gaunt and moody. When you’re flicking through a catalogue you’re not really looking at the model, just the product they’re advertising. And don’t most of them starve themselves and take cocaine? (I'm semi-joking.)

If a guy came up to me and told me he was a model I honestly wouldn’t be that impressed. Not saying I’d be unimpressed either, I just don’t see what the deal is with it. It’s not interesting like being a writer or a drummer or a chemical engineer. All you do is stand there and have pictures taken of you. Ok that’s a lie, I used to love watching ‘America’s Next Top Model’ with my mum growing up, and they did actually have to go through so much. Have their hair changed, be forced to stand for hours posing in uncomfortable outfits, learn to walk in 6 inch heels, have a strict diet and exercise regime – what a life. No thanks.

I guess I’d find modelling boring because it’s not artistically or intellectually challenging. It’s physically challenging I guess, but then so is working out or masturbating. Still, lots of people clearly love it, else they wouldn’t be models in the first place.

I just don’t get the deal. What’s so great about being attractive? But maybe that’s exactly the kind of thing a smug self-centred attractive person would say. I suppose it’s nice in and of itself, it’s nice to look good because it’s nice to look good. But if I had to pick between brains and beauty (and luckily I was blessed with both), I’d pick brains. Hardly anyone is truly hideous, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway. Kim Kardashian may be the most gorgeous perfect woman in the world to some.


  1. eh physical looks aren't everything and while i do enjoy eye candy i prefer people who are good people, i can't define beauty i just find pretty what i find pretty tbh


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