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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Celebrity Culture & Reality TV

In 1983, Scorseze released a film featuring De Niro called 'The King of Comedy.' The film was a satirical comment on the obsession with the celebrity, and of people desiring fame for the sake of validation rather than time spent honing their craft and talent.

I have a YouTube video I made when I was 16 ranting about Kim Kardashian. I open by calling her a 'talentless, brainless bimbo, who's only famous cos she sucked some guy off.' I stand true to my word. Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of the modern celebrity. A person with no talent or intellect, who has managed to make millions and become an international icon just by existing. Other examples include Paris Hilton and Katie Price. Katie Price is interesting; she's famous because of having large fake breasts, and has managed to capitalize on that by becoming a rather successful businesswoman.

I hate Reality TV. Shows like Big Brother, I'm a celeb, The Real Housewives of Stupid Ville, Jeremy Kyle and X Factor - they all piss me off. They're all about boring and mindless people trying to claim their 15 minutes of fame and recognition. The creators of these shows are smart - with society moving forward in Technology and becoming globalised, it's easy for anyone to get 'briefly known.' They know this and are using it against the public. In 2012, a girl became infamous for releasing a video of her sucking her own tampon, which went viral and led to a verification on Twitter. The mere fact that someone could do something so disgusting and ludicrous is what made this girl so well known.

When I tell people I'm a musician, some of them ask 'you ever think about going on X Factor?' I hate X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and The Voice for several reasons. Firstly, no one who goes on those shows becomes successful for more than five minutes. They channel out hopeless bubblegum artists who want to be known and recognised. Sure, a few of them actually are talented. Leona Lewis had a nice voice, and I do like Alexandra Burke. I've seen contestants on The Voice who are incredible singers. But none of them become major stars because that's not the point of these shows. It isn't to nurture talent, it's to bring in ratings and let the masses hype up a few people who get to feel like celebrities for five minutes.

Then there's that gross scumbag Simon Cowell, who is down there with Kim Kardashian in the list of famous people I can't stand. This man would daren't go up on a stage and perform with a guitar and a microphone. He doesn't know how scary it is to stand in front of a group of people and perform. Yet he thrives on humiliating people on his show by telling them how awful they are. And plenty that go on ARE awful; they're only there for entertainment. Humans have always enjoyed other people's humiliation; it's one of the many sick things about our species. I remember reading an article about this old woman with an embarrassingly crap voice who was convinced that she was good and insisted upon being on the show, only to be a national laughing stock. (Read it here):

We are living in an age where anyone can become well known through the Internet. YouTube has provided an excellent platform for those who wish to express artistic or creative ideas. But along with the talented and smart, come the talentless and stupid.

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