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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Celebrity Deaths

I love Prince's music. I was gutted when he died because it meant I'd never be able to see him live. I did have a minor panic attack/shock. But was I distraught for days, crying over a guy I don't even know?

I understand that when you idolize someone or love their work, it's sad when they pass away. But I don't understand why some people go over the top about it. It's not the same as someone you really care about, like your mother or brother or best friend dying. You didn't know Michael Jackson or Amy Winehouse or Lady Di. They didn't know you. You didn't love them, you loved their art or their work or what they stood for.

I don't love Jacqueline Wilson, I love her books and the effect they've had on me. Of course I feel like I love her, and I say I love 'her', but really how can I love her? Neither of us know each other. I've read both her autobiographies and most of her books and maybe I feel like I 'know' her and relate to her in many ways. But I can't love her because we don't have anything. I love my best friend. I'd weep buckets and probably not leave my room for months if she died.

What annoys me still is when a famous person dies and everyone acts like they were a saint. People said all sorts of shit about Amy Winehouse when she was alive due to her drug problems, and then she dies and it's like 'ooooh no, she was such an angel, so tragic.' Of course a person dying due to drugs is pretty tragic, especially when they were mega-talented and touched the hearts of many with their music.
But in the wider scope of life, people die everyday. Every fucking minute. So why should I be sad when someone who drowned in money and had a fantastic career and who will never know me died? Sure, on a basic human level we all have that empathy for other humans and even though death is the only normal and absolute part of life (as well as birth, I guess) it's still sad to hear about someone dying. It's particularly sad if they were a little kid who suffered a horrible fate like Baby P or Jamie Bulger. But a multi-millionaire who lived their dreams?

Famous people aren't made of glass, they go through the same problems as everyone else. They get sick and die like everyone else. If they weren't famous then just their family and close friends would be sad. The people that really did love and care for them. But it's only because Marilyn Monroe happened to be a worldwide phenomenon (I never got why she was so iconic; I guess she was a pretty good actress but I'm sure she was more famous for her looks) that everyone wept and cursed the heavens.

I dunno, this is just a short rant. Does it annoy you when someone famous dies and everyone acts like it's the end of the fucking world? Lol watch when Alicia Keys dies and I go back on my word and weep like a baby going 'MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!! ALICIA WAS MY GODDESS AND SOUL!!!'


  1. it's sad when well loved celebs die and people that go ott about it probaly tied up a lot of their existence in that celeb

    1. Yeah I get that element of it; identifying yourself a lot with a particular famous person.

  2. It is very similar to when people go bonkers when their favorite football team wins or loses...
    People overly identify themselves with celebs, sports teams, etc.

    1. I think it's best not to take it too much to heart though, like if you love a football team sure it's sad if they win and great if they lose but it's not the be-all-and-end-all of your life. Nothing wrong with identifying with someone, I think I'm more saying some people take it way too far.


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