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Monday, 19 March 2018

Most Irritating Film and TV Characters

Ever watch a movie or a show and think ‘god I want to shoot x character in the face’? Yeah me too. Here’s a list of fictional characters I can’t stand.

AJ Soprano (The Sopranos). Oh my god, he is the biggest twattiest pain in the butthole. AJ is the son of Tony Soprano, and unlike his dad he is a fairly nice guy as opposed to a violent sociopath. However, he's a spoilt, entitled brat who talks to his mother in ways that would have gotten me slapped at his age (and my parents never hit me). He's the kind of kid where you look at him and think 'holy shit, this dumbarse came out of me'?

Joffrey Lannister (Game of Thrones). Until you met Joffrey, of course. AJ is annoying, but Joffrey is both annoying and evil. His death was probably the best scene involving him. I'm on the third GOT book, and Joffrey is just as bratty and awful, however in the show he comes across as crueller such as when he tortures the prostitutes. In the books he's more of a bratty bully but the show makes him slightly more evil, probably because he is older as mentioned on online forums.

Leanne and Angie (Orange is the new black). These two pissed me off so much, I kept hoping they would die. They're a couple of dumb meth-head religious fanatic hillbillies who constantly do stupid stuff. They're also unnecessary cruel to a lot of the characters, but they're not 'badass' enough to be evil so they come off as petty and a pain in the arse. I hope they die in Season 6.
I am sooo, fricken, pissed.
Brittany and Tiffany (White Chicks). Every time I watch that hilarious movie the twins become even more entertaining, however they are also extremely irritating. Not to mention prejudiced; when Kevin and Marcus come to pick them up at the airport they say 'we already, like, donated to the, like, Negro fund, yeah, like, uh huh, so Beverly Hills Brat.' I enjoyed them a lot more when the FBI agents pretended to be them.

Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter). Another character on this list who is irritating but also genuinely cruel. I don't actually mind film villains who I think are interesting or have some kind of cool motive. I even have a post called Best Movie Villains. However, Umbridge is really just a pain with that stupid pink dress and irritatingly sugar-sweet voice. She has no redeeming qualities, you don't even think 'damn, badass!', she's more like a knat you just want to swat out of the way.

Ruth (Titanic). Rose's prejudiced and stuck-up mother. She's full of herself in typical first-class 'we're better than you' fashion. I guess that's how it would have been around that time when class distinction was much more definitive than it is today. Still, how could anyone hate Jack? He's gorgeous and lovely.

Warden Norton (The Shawshank Redemption). Such a bastard. He's a disgusting, corrupt, evil man who gets outsmarted by the brilliant Andy Dufresne. He treats the inmates like shit and doesn't listen to Andy's innocence, being deliberately obtuse. 

Melissa (The Hangover). Stu's horrible bitch girlfriend who cheated on him with a bartender. She treats him like shit, puts him down and orders him around. Basically the girlfriend from hell. She's the most pain in the arse character in that hilarious movie. Typically, I bet the actress in real life is a lovely sweet lady.

Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). In both film adaptations and the novel, little Miss Salt is a spoilt bratty pain. "I want the world, I want to lock it all up in my pocket..." What she wants is a giant slap like Mr AJ Soprano. Spoilt bratty kids are just the worst. But who is to really blame? "The Mother and the Father..."

Who are some fictional on-screen or literary characters you can't stand? Let me know below!

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