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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Conservative Snowflakes

Prager U is a channel on YouTube that explores a range of topics such as education, politics, feminism, race relations and religion from a conservative perspective. I have found myself agreeing with some of their content and disagreeing with others. As expected.

Founded by Dennis Prager, Prager University is not a real university where you can get a degree from. It provides knowledge and information via short videos about a range of topics. My only problem with Prager U, as with much information online, is that it claims to have the correct viewpoint of everything it states. It fails to accept that the information presented by this 'university' is opinion based. Yes, there are facts used to back up what it says, but the information is still given with a certain bias.
A video I do like, although it is presented by a woman
who calls herself 'Red Pill Black' and uses the stance of
'I'm a black female conservative' to make herself known.

Left-wing extremists are being criticized by conservatives and moderates and dubbed 'snowflakes' by many (including me). But when a conservative insists that their point of view is entirely correct and that an opposing viewpoint should be disregarded, are they really being any better? Aren't they being just as closed-minded when they refer to Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders as evil communists?

Example. Conservatives claim to pride 'facts over feelings' which makes them more tolerant than liberals. Dennis Prager is a Christian and I have seen a few of his videos about religion and the Ten Commandments. There is no concrete evidence for a God, and no concrete evidence that the universe was designed by a higher being. I'm not saying the possibility of there being a higher being is obsolete, merely stating a fact. But conservative Christians 'feel' that there is a God, and 'feel' that their God answers their prayers. They can't actually prove that this God is real or is really answering their prayers.
Science proves God's existence?!

Another example. In America, gun violence has caused a phenomenal amount of death and hurt millions across the country. Yet rather than seeing the facts - guns are dangerous weapons and tighter gun restrictions are needed - they would rather run to their feelings; 'it's part of our constitution! We have a right to our guns!' This is an emotional argument. Just because something was stated hundreds of years ago as law, doesn't mean it will still apply to the present world.

I'm not an American and I do not have the right to insist they make guns entirely illegal - I mean I do, but no one will listen to me and neither should they. It is not my country and I am not a person in power (nor do I want to be). However, there is sufficient evidence to state that the present position of gun accessibility in the US is not safe. But whenever a liberal calmly (or not so calmly) tries to discuss that there should be tighter restrictions on gun accessibility, conservatives go nuts. It's like seeing children throw temper tantrums. How can anyone take you seriously when you sound like shrieking kids?

US Gun statistics:

Clearly feelings are more important than safety.
The British Conservative government is much more liberal and closer to American Democrats in its line of thinking. Yeah, they cut taxes and public spending, they're trying to privatize the NHS and they've fucked the education system up. They're for the wealthy and upper-middle classes. But they would never dare ban abortion, deny global warming, push for creationism to be taught in schools or entirely privatize the NHS - at least not without a fight from the public. The UK Conservative government legalised gay marriage, whereas most Republicans are against it (interestingly, Trump has been one of the most pro-gay Republicans for years).

But the American Republican party are a lot more extreme and socially regressive in their politics compared to British Conservatives, who aren't all that different from the Labour Party (America's equivalent of the Democrats). Prager U may claim to be all tolerant and open-minded, but only if you adhere to what they think. They support personal responsibility and independence, as long as you support traditional family values, are pro-life, and won't get rid of those guns.

I'm Zarina Macha, for the university of people who accept that their opinions are just opinions and that none of this shit really matters much as we're all going to die and the robots will hopefully dismantle the human race.

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