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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

White Leftist Pussies

If there's one thing I can't stand right now within the leftist political sphere, it's white apologists. White people that say that they're 'sorry' for the colour of their skin and 'apologise' for all of the injustices that white people have caused, and that they 'deeply sympathise' with people of colour. Just, please, stop.

Firstly, you have nothing to be sorry for. If we look at people based on their individual characteristics rather than lumping everyone into categorical boxes, we can deduce that your average white guy working down the pub is in no way responsible or has any connection with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It's superficial and utterly reductive, and it's also rather petty. How can you possibly take responsibility for stuff that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago by people whom you have no connection to and share nothing in common with other than lack of melanin?

Secondly, it sounds cringey and try-hard. Let's say a group of black people are having a pragmatic  discussion about colonialism. A white person who wants to join in can continue that thread of intelligent and factual discussion. However, once they start bringing emotions into it and saying 'yeah, aren't white people so bad, we're like so full of shit' just to try and win some approval from people - it just looks anti-intellectual and desperate. We've all done it probably - over-siding with someone for the sake of trying to get them to like us.

Trouble is, it often has the opposite effect. People are typically respected for holding their own and standing their ground, not going along with what someone else wants for the sake of approval. I respect a white person that says 'nigger' more than one that says 'n word.' Context is everything; a white person using 'nigger' in a racist and derogatory context is obviously a fool who deserves no respect. But another white person who is describing something that requires the word 'nigger' to be used, and uses it in place of 'n word', is someone that I see as an open-minded person. They recognise that words are just words, and we evoke our own meaning onto them within the context of their usage.

Saying 'n word' in a non-racist and descriptive context gives the word 'nigger' more power than it needs. It turns it into something ugly and blasphemous, and ignores the context in which the word is being used. It creates fear around a word, and brings in unnecessary emotional hang-ups that have no business within the discussion.

These types of people annoy me just as much as male feminists do. I don't think men can ever really be feminists, simply because feminism is a women-for-women movement. Again, it's this try-hard 'yeah, I'm totally on your side!' desperation that seeks to have some sort of approval. Feminism has created a bunch of problems for men in terms of male identity and allowing women to have the 'upper hand.' (Just look at this latest #believewomen fad. Yes, rather than look at evidence, let's just automatically 'have faith' and 'believe.' Where else have we heard that before?)

Malcolm X once stated in his autobiography that he preferred white conservatives to white liberals because they were in your face about being racist rather than hiding it behind a 'I'm totally not racist!' guise. (The movie Get Out does a great job at outlining the hypocrisy of 'I'm not racist!' racist white people). I am of course not saying that every single white liberal is racist, nor am I saying that a lot of them don't genuinely care about racial equality. I think actions speak louder than words and white people that do actively treat non-white people fairly and like normal human beings are a lot more genuine than white people that feel the need to constantly 'apologise' for their skin colour or bring up race unnecessarily. I don't need your sympathy and I don't need you to 'pity' me for being a so-called 'oppressed' black woman.

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